I'm ARH, Web Dev from Lebanon

Motivated 18-year-old student from Lebanon with a strong passion for back-end web development and cybersecurity. Two years of freelance experience, excelling in problem-solving and quick learning. Seeking opportunities to contribute to innovative companies and expand knowledge. Eager to join a dynamic team and make a meaningful impact. Let's connect and explore how my skills can benefit your organization.

What I Do
Web Development

Crafting high-performance websites with a focus on functionality and user experience

Custom Software Solutions

Developing tailored software applications to streamline business operations and enhance productivity

E-commerce Development

Building robust e-commerce platforms that drive sales and provide seamless shopping experiences


Implementing advanced security measures to protect your digital assets and ensure data integrity

Technical Consulting

Providing expert guidance and strategic insights to help businesses leverage technology for growth and efficiency


Offering personalized tutoring sessions in programming, web development, and robotics to help individuals and teams enhance their technical skills

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